Cosmetic & Personal Care Workshop 2022

As we take a retrospective glance at the "Personal Care in the Post-Covid Era" seminar held on September 29th at the communal hub of CTC Vietnam, a tapestry of memorable moments unfolds, encapsulating insights that have left a lasting impact on attendees.
The common house of CTC Vietnam, serving as the backdrop for this transformative event, became a hub of knowledge and innovation as participants gathered to explore the nuances of personal care in the wake of the global pandemic.
Hands-on learning took center stage through interactive workshops. Participants delved into practical aspects of personal care, from adopting innovative hygiene practices to cultivating mental resilience. The common house echoed with the sounds of collaboration and shared discovery.
The curtains fell on the seminar with a celebratory closing ceremony, weaving together the diverse threads of insights and experiences shared throughout the day. Attendees departed with a sense of empowerment, armed with knowledge and inspiration to navigate the post-Covid landscape of personal care.
In retrospect, the "Personal Care in the Post-Covid Era" seminar at CTC Vietnam was not merely an event; it was a dynamic exchange that illuminated the path forward. The common house served as a symbolic space where minds converged, ideas flourished, and unforgettable moments were etched into the collective memory of all who attended