Innovative and Functional Beverage Ingredients.

Thinking of farm to bottle concept? Your next breakthrough product for beverage is here in the making! We offer products and solutions to all your beverage need. From fruit concentrates with natural and organic line, to tailor-made compound bases for different product applications such as low-calorie drinks, energy drinks, juices, near water or even functional, no sugar, limited edition or even exotic flavors, name it and we have it!


Fruit Concentrates

We have broad variety of juice concentrates available. To name a few, we have apple, grape, pomegranate, strawberry, pineapple, peach, pear, red fruit and exotic fruit, which are all high customizable according to your requirements.

Pulp Cells

Our product is derived from the endocarp of the various citrus fruits and is primarily made up of cell sacs and membrane fragments.  The product is then pasteurized, aseptically packaged and stored under chilled conditions.


Produced as naturally as possible. Our range of fruit purees retain the exceptional color, flavor and nutritional value of the fruit they are made from.

Fruit Powders

Our fruit powders are manufactured through a concentration and atomization (spray dried) process.

Tailor-Made Compounds and Bases

We design and manufacture compoundsfor all kinds of beverages, based on the specific requirements of each market, relevant trends and consumer profiles.

Sweet and Fruity Flavors

Our curated flavors that are high quality, naturally sourced are made to achieve superior, refreshing taste!

Natural Sugars

Aim for a healthier refreshment and make your beverage exempted in sugar tax with this natural alternative.

Soymilk Powder

We are offering instant type of soymilk. Healthier alternative and vegan friendly products.

Non-Dairy Creamer

Clean label creamer that brings your coffee experience to the next level.